Cancellation Policy

Last updated: March 29, 2023

At, we believe in providing high-quality study materials at the best price. However, there may be situations on our end or your end that force you to cancel your order. Before proceeding with any cancellation transaction, please read through our cancellation policy.

Cancellation from Our Side: As a third-party service provider between you, the buyer, and the seller, you have the right to accept or reject your cancellation request. Our decision to accept or reject is final, and we at are not obligated to provide a reason for our decision. There are a few reasons that may force us to cancel your order, such as:

  • Non-availability of the ordered product
  • Non-availability of the delivery process
  • Inaccuracy in price or product information due to human or system error
  • Discovery of fraudulent or unauthorized transactions by our internal audit team

Aside from these reasons, there may be other factors that could compel us to cancel the order. In such cases, we will provide a full refund and notify you via email and message support.

Cancellation from the User Side: We understand that there may be instances where users need to cancel an order. In such cases, we will process a 100% refund without any questions asked. However, there are some policies that may prevent us from accepting your cancellation request, including:

  • Cancellation is not possible if the order has already been processed and dispatched by our delivery partner
  • Orders will not be canceled in the event of malpractices adopted by the user while placing the order
  • Promo codes/discount codes will not be refunded if the user cancels the order
  • No transaction fee or service fee charged by our banks or card providers will be refunded

Contact Us: For any questions or concerns regarding our cancellation policy, you may contact us through the following channels:

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 7903998080